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Our Vision for UpLevel Outreach

Why did we create UpLevel Outreach as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization? We want to take the UpLevel Way and the benefits of martial arts to those less fortunate who cannot afford the cost of lessons. We invite you to be part of something that is changing the world and improving young lives and families, one martial artist at a time.

Why We Created UpLevel Outreach

Why We Created UpLevel Outreach

Before we open a martial arts school we study the demographics of a certain area to make sure that the surrounding area can actually support the martial arts school financially.

While this is an excellent business idea, there is a challenge. The challenge is this: those who need martial arts the most often cannot afford it.

When the pandemic broke out, UpLevel had six schools in three states with hundreds of students. We immediately began creating dynamic, interactive videos allowing students to continue training at home. This was the beginning of UpLevel Martial Arts @Home Academy.

As students returned to their schools, we realized that some students and families preferred to continue training at home. And by that time, the @Home Academy also had students living far away from the nearest school who continued their training virtually in preparation for their First Degree Black Belt test.

The video below shows how these virtual students performed during their Black Belt test in Charlotte, North Carolina. After watching them test, we were convinced that we could take the benefits of martial arts to the world through virtual training and provide scholarships to students who could otherwise not afford lessons. Welcome to UpLevel Outreach Virtual Academy!

See What's Possible Through Virtual Instruction

Make the World a Better Place

Help us create 74 million martial artists which is 1% of the worlds population. Let's make this a safer, more confident world by 1%.

Why UpLevel Martial Arts Exists

Get inspired as you listen to the story of UpLevel Martial Arts, and find out why we exist. You'll hear real stories of students who transformed their lives through martial arts, from the perspectives of Sam Wegert and Tim Wegert.

Discover more about the groundbreaking new program UpLevel Outreach. Let's take martial arts into our communities and watch our young kids become more disciplined, confident, and considerate.

This heartfelt video is under 4 minutes and will change the way you view martial arts. Take a moment to enjoy Why UpLevel Martial Arts Exists.

How It Works

How It Works

Every time we open a new UpLevel school, we donate a portion of the profits directly to UpLevel Outreach.

Each UpLevel staff member donates at least one hour per month to UpLevel Outreach.

Our mission is to take martial arts to people who could never afford it or don't even have martial arts availability.

What UpLevel Outreach Does

1. Awards scholarships to students who may not be able to afford the full cost of a martial arts program

2. Provides martial equipment (uniforms, sparring gear, weapons) to eligible students at no cost

3. Sponsors "Martial Arts Missionaries," UpLevel instructors and student leaders who go into areas where martial arts is otherwise not available and teach life skills, personal development, self-defense, and proper responses to bullies

4. Hosts special Martial Arts Camps during summer months

5. Sponsors "Love Month" when students and families of UpLevel schools collect food and coats and perform community service activities.

6. Provides funds for establishing martial arts school and clubs in low-income areas in and around Charlotte, North Carolina with the goal of reaching the surrounding area with the benefits of martial arts

What UpLevel Outreach Does

Apply for an UpLevel Outreach Scholarship at UpLevel Martial Arts

Want to apply for an UpLevel Outreach Scholarship? Please download the application, fill it out, scan (or take a picture), and email it to: [email protected]

You may also print out the application, fill it out, and mail it to:
16131 Lancaster Hwy #5
Charlotte, NC 28277

Your Donations Help Real Students

How It Works

Your generous donations and help volunteering for UpLevel Outreach is making a real difference. Thank you so much; we couldn't do it without you!

Let's bring martial arts to those that struggle to afford it or don't even have the option to practice martial arts in their community.

Your donations of time and money impact lives in our communities. Every donation is precious.


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